About me

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My name is Marine, I’m 23 years old.

Photography has become my outlet, and I reveal to you through it a piece of me.

When I photograph I seek to capture the natural, the real person in front of me. Not the one she tries to show, the one she really is.
I mostly photograph women but I have no trouble working with men. I think it's just easier to relate to and feel a woman's emotions.
My models are my friends, sometimes acquaintances (which I take the time to know before shooting) or myself. I love working around the self portrait, it helps me to know myself better, to understand my body, my emotions.

I am only 23 years old and I feel that my photography will still evolve, it evolves day by day, throughout my life. So if I had to take you with me in my photographic process it would be a moment of life, an evening, a hotel room, a walk in the fields, a cigarette, a trip.


Self-portrait, Firenze, February 2022


- Winner of the Eye of Love contest by the European House of Photography, August 2022

-Esmod Fashion Business Diploma in Commercial Strategy and Communication 2017 -2020 ( Rating good & coup de coeur jury)

-Baccalaureate of Applied Arts
Rating good (2017)

-Maison Chou


-Arlun Paris


- Eternal ephemere underwear

-Mathilda Moos

- Aroa Genoveva/ Magazine Marie Claire Spain

Press & Exhibitions

-Hotel room and Louna, series of 2,

ImageNation, Gallery Joseph le palais.

Paris, France

May 27-28-29, 2022

-Press : Interview by Nowhere Diary Juin 2022

-Serie " Self Schiele" on Osphilia by me with the model Selcen Turkmen

-Serie on Osphilia, "Marie Legall"




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