About the project

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I am currently working on my next book which will be about confession.

Confession is a fairly broad subject, but I want to explore an intimate dimension.  This book will be mostly photography and video.

I was trying to found a way to explain you more about this project and i have found this poetry of one of my favorite poet " Cecile Coulon":

"So many others before me have tried to capture the events of their lives. To align them, to open them, to see the heart and the meaning of all the little things that modified their existence in such a way that they transformed themselves.

So many others before me have tried and failed. It is in this act of failing that we finally become ourselves. We fail to find meaning in events that have none." ( by Cecile Coulon)

This project is open to all so if you want to be part of this project contact me telling me why you would like to be part of this book.


Thanks for submitting!